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Magnetic Lash Mascara Tried & Tested

by Rose-Ann 31. March 2015 14:23
We tried & tested Santhilea London's Magnetic Lash Mascara - Read on to see the results! [More]


Tried & Tested: Bakel Skincare

by Rose-Ann 14. January 2015 18:12
  Tried and Tested: Bakel   As you might expect from employees of a beauty retailer, we at BeautyBay HQ love a good skincare regime. Recently we were lucky to receive a selection of Bakel treatments to trial. Bakel products are highly effective due to the inclusion of 100% active ingredients, untainted by chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients. We dutifully (with a fair amount of excitement) set off and incorporated them into our regular skincare regimes. Read on to see how we got on…   Malic Lightening & Renewing Serum Bakel Malic Lightening & Renewing Serum is loaded with active ingredients which work harmoniously together to nourish, hydrate, brighten and refine the skin. Danika “Long haul flights and a long Christmas period had resulted in my skin feeling dull and drab, it lacked glow, felt grey and was feeling rather puffy and in some areas tight. Using this product couldn’t have been easier, only a small amount was n... [More]


Tried & Tested: Bronze Buffer

by Guest Blogger 14. August 2014 11:29
      No matter how many times I've self-tanned, I always get two matching dark streaks right next to my elbows. It always happens and it’s really annoying! Well, it was until I discovered the Bronze Buffer at I applied a fresh self-tan, and waited for my ‘favourite’ part... the streaks. I soaked one soft cushiony sponge in water and wiped away mistakes. Guess what it worked! The streaks were gone with just a few light wipes, it was a pure magic to me. I finally found something that is super easy to use and MESS free! The Bronze Buffer packs come with 2 sponges. The sponges are reusable after the sponge dries completely eliminating stained palms, removing build up on knees and ankle, and lightening too-dark colour. I can’t believe that such a small thing can do so much! With no added ingredients or chemicals, this is the only self-tanner remover that works after colour has developed. However, use it carefully on thin skin areas... [More]

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Travel Friendly Essentials

by Guest Blogger 7. August 2014 13:35
Want to know our tried and tested travel essentials?
Read on... [More]


Bridal Beauty at

by Guest Blogger 8. July 2014 13:35
Counting down the days to the big day?
We've got all you need, and more, so you can perfect that Blushing Bride look with ease. [More]


South Beach | The Review

by Paige 5. June 2014 16:54
We recently attended South Beach's promo event - read about the night! [More]


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